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DNA Results From Earliest Know Ancestors

DNA Results From Earliest Know Ancestors

Surname DNA Results - Click for info Earliest Known Ancestor
Calhoun Haplogroup R1a1 - Family B - R-SRY10831 South Asia and Southern Siberia to Central Europe and Scandinavia Alexander Calhoun - 1785 South Carolina
Glover R1b (R-U106) Viking, Saxon and Germanic Samuel Hudson Glover - 1797 North Carolina
Lay R-M512 European Thomas Lay Jr. - 1763 North Carolina
Norwood I-M253 Viking - Saxon Daniel Norwood - 1815 South Carolina
Stricklin Haplogroup Q - American Indian William Riley Stricklin - 1802 South Carolina
Tubbs R1b-M269 - European Daniel Lee Tubbs - 1794 South Carolina

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