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My Ahnentafel Style Tree

My Ahnentafel Style Tree

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Generation 1: Clint Norwood

1.Clint Norwood Clint Norwood:
Born in Fayette, Alabama 22 Sep 1957.
Son of Charles Lindy Norwood & Gaynell Lay.

Generation 2: Parents of Clint Norwood

2.Chares Lindy Norwood Charles Lindy Norwood:
Born in Abernant, Alabama 26 Jan 1931.
Died in Odessa, Texas 09 Jan 2005.
Father of Clint Norwood.
Son of Robert Wyatt Norwood & Fannie Estelle Glover.

3.Gaynell Lay Gaynell Lay:
Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 12 Jul 1936.
Mother of Clint Norwood.
Daughter of Vernon Russell Lay & Arlon Bernice Chandler.

Generation 3: Grandparents of Clint Norwood

4. Robert Wyatt NorwoodRobert Wyatt Norwood:
Born in Tuscaloosa County 1884.
Died in Tuscaloosa County 1944.
Father of Charles Lindy Norwood.
Son of Harvey L. Norwood & Manerva Turner.

5.Fannie Estelle Glover Fannie Estelle Glover:
Born in Alabama 15 Jul 1906.
Died in Alabama 03 Oct 2002.
Mother of Chares Lindy Norwood.
Daughter of William Milton Glover & Nancy Jane Hester.

6.Vernon Russell Lay Vernon Russel Lay:
Born in Tennessee 05 Aug 1908.
Died in Graceville, Florida 13 Jan 2000.
Father of Gaynell Lay.
Son of James W. Lay & Rose Ann Campbell.

7.Arlon Bernice Chandler Arlon Bernice Chandler:
Born in Walker County, Alabama 14 Mar 1914.
Died in Fayette, Alabama 23 Nov 2004.
Mother of Gaynell Lay.
Daughter of James Shadrack Chandler & Sara Catherine Tubbs.

Generation 4: Great-Grandparents of Clint Norwood

8.Harvey Norwood Tombstone Harvey L. Norwood:
Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 14 Mar 1855.
Died in Tuscaloosa County 1910.
Father of Robert Wyatt Norwood.
Son of Daniel Norwood & Elizabeth Norwood.

9.Manerva Turner Tombstone Manerva Turner:
Born in Tuscaloosa Alabama 1853.
Died in Tuscaloosa Alabama 1934.
Mother of Robert Wyatt Norwood.
Daughter of Nickolas Turner & Mary Ann Sandlin.

10. William Milton Glover William Milton Glover:
Born in Alabama 09 Jul 1889.
Died in Alabama 15 Jul 1943.
Father of Fannie Estelle Glover.
Son of William H. Glover & Sarah Jane Jones.

11. Nancy Jane Hester Nancy Jane Hester:
Born in Alabama abt Aug 1894.
Died in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama U.S.A. 1979.
Mother of Fannie Estelle Glover.
Daughter of William LaFayette Hester & Rebecca Elizabeth Tingle.

12. James William Lay James William Lay:
Born in 1879.
Died in Haleyville, Marion, Alabama 24 Jul 1943.
Father of Vernon Russell Lay.
Son of Alexander Hamilton Lay & Caroline Green Powel.

13. Rose Ann Campbell Rose Anne Campbell:
Born in Alabama Oct 1891.
Died in Tennessee 1910.
Mother of Vernon Russell Lay.
Daughter of Bird Sherman Campbell & Mary Elizabeth Smith.

14. James Shadrack Chandler
James Shadrack "Jim" Chandler
Born in 03 Oct 1881.
Died in Northport Tuscaloosa County Alabama, USA 31 May 1981.
Father of Arlon Bernice Chandler.
Son of King Zachariah Chandler & Margaret Matilda Calvert.

15. Sara Catherine Tubbs
Sara Catherine Tubbs
Born in Alabama 04 Jan 1886.
Died in Jasper, Alabama 30 Jul 1947.
Mother of Arlon Bernice Chandler.
Daughter of Daniel Franklin (Bud) Tubbs & Paralee Stricklin.

Generation 5: Great-Great-Grandparents of Clint Norwood

16. Daniel Norwood:
Born in Abbeville, South Carolina 10 Oct 1815.
Died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 25 Dec 1894.
Father of Harvey Norwood.
Son of William Norwood & Martha Valentine.

17. Elizabeth Norwood:
Born in Alabama 1830.
Died in Alabama 1888.
Mother of Harvey Norwood.
Daughter of Wyatt Norwood & Malinda E. Freeman.

18. Nickolas Turner Nickolas Turner:
Born in South Carolina 1818.
Died in Alabama 1898.
Father of Manerva Turner.
Son of Wilkerson Saulin Turner & Barbara Sandlin.

19. Mary Ann Sandlin:
Born in South Carolina 1830.
Died in Alabama 1901.
Mother of Manerva Turner.
Daughter of William James Sandlin & Polly Moats Tatum.

Nickolas Turner and wife Mary Ann Sandlin

20. William Henry Glover William Henry Glover:
Born in Alabama Jun 1867.
Died in Moundville, Hale, Alabama, United States 1952.
Father of William Mitlon Glover.
Son of Guilford Thomas Glover & Charity Ann Calhoun.

21. Sarah Jane Jones Sarah Jane Jones:
Born in Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. Dec 1869.
Died in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1961.
Mother of William Mitlon Glover.
Daughter of George W. Jones & Susan E. Calhoun.

22. William LaFayette Hester William LaFayette Hester:
Born in 22 Aug 1868.
Died in Hale County Alabama 13 Sep 1939.
Father of Nancy Jane Hester.
Son of McDuff C Hester & Mary Margaret Johnson.

23. Rebecca Elizabeth Tingle:
Born in Nov 1874.
Died in [date unknown].
Mother of Nancy Jane Hester.
Daughter of William M. Tingle & Nancy Jane Townsend.

24. Alexander Hamilton Lay:
Born in Alabama Sep 1854.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of James William Lay.
Son of Lewis Arch Lay & Eunice Calvert.

25. Caroline Powel Lay Caroline Green Powel:
Born in Alabama 02 Mar 1853.
Died in Arley, Winston County, Alabama 03 Mar 1916.
Mother of James William Lay.
Daughter of unknown parents.

26. Bird Sherman Campbell:
Born in Cullman, Alabama 26 Jan 1868.
Died in Ardell, Cullman County, Alabama 11 Nov 1900.
Father of Rose Ann Canpbell.
Son of John Robert Campbell & Rachel Blevins.

Bird Sherman and wife Mary Elizabeth Smith

27. Mary Elizabeth Smith:
Born in Cullman County, Alabama 1872.
Died in Ardell, Cullman County, Alabama 01 Aug 1907.
Mother of Rose Ann Canpbell.
Daughter of John Smith & Caroline unknown.

28. King Zachariah Chandler King Zachariah Chandler:
Born in Cass Now Bartow Co., Georgia 16 Jul 1844.
Died in Cullman Co., AL 30 Oct 1935.
Father of James Shadrack Chandler.
Son of John Shadrack Chandler & Irena Greeny.

29. Margaret Matilda Calvert:
Born in Blount Co. Or Walker Co., AL 06 Jul 1846.
Died in Cullman Co., AL 26 Aug 1902.
Mother of James Shadrack Chandler.
Daughter of Jonathan Calvert & Manila Jane Cannon.

30. Daniel Franklin Tubbs:
Born in Cullman Alabama 28 Sep 1862.
Died in Cullman Alabama 22 Oct 1935.
Father of Sara Catherine Tubbs.
Son of Daniel Lee Tubbs & Elizabeth J. 'Betsy' Rutledge.

31. Paralee Stricklin:
Born in Alabama 07 Sep 1854.
Died in Cullman Alabama 01 Sep 1915.
Mother of Sara Catherine Tubbs.
Daughter of William Henry Stricklin & Nancy Ann Nelson.

Generation 6: Great-Great-Great-Grandparents of Clint Norwood

32. William Norwood:
Born in South Carolina 1775.
Died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1838.
Father of Daniel Norwood.
Son of John Norwood & Elizabeth Jane Pickens.

33. Martha Valentine:
Born in 1770.
Died in Tuscaloosa County Alabama 1840.
Mother of Daniel Norwood.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown.

34. Wyatt Norwood:
Born in South Carolina 1806.
Died in aft 1867.
Father of Elizabeth Norwood.
Son of Unknown & Unknown.

35. Malinda E. Freeman:
Born in South Carolina 1814.
Died in Alabama 22 Jan 1887.
Mother of Elizabeth Norwood.
Daughter of James S. Freeman & Catherine Nolan Maddox.

36. Wilkerson Saulin Turner:
Born in North Carolina 1787.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Nickolas Turner.
Son of Wilkerson Turner Sr. & Abigail Collins.

37. Barbara Sandlin:
Born in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina, USA 1774.
Died in South Carolina aft 1818.
Mother of Nickolas Turner.
Daughter of William Sandlin & Massey Green.

38. William James Sandlin:
Born in South Carolina 1795.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Mary Ann Sandlin.
Son of Unknown & Unknown.

39. Polly Moats Tatum:
Born in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina, United States 30 May 1789.
Died in South Carolina [date unknown].
Mother of Mary Ann Sandlin.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown.

40. Guilford Thomas Glover:
Born in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1835.
Died in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1906.
Father of William H. Glover.
Son of Samuel Hudson Glover & Margaret Herrin.

41. Charity Ann Calhoun:
Born in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1841.
Died in Marion, Perry County, Alabama U.S.A. 1927.
Mother of William H. Glover.
Daughter of

42. George W. Jones:
Born in Alabama 1840.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Sarah Jane Jones.
Son of Unknown & Unknown.

43. Susan E. Calhoun:
Born in Alabama 1840.
Died in [date unknown].
Mother of Sarah Jane Jones.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown.

44. McDuff C Hester:
Born in Alabama 1838.
Died in Hale, Alabama, United States [date unknown].
Father of William LaFayette Hester.
Son of Barnabus Hester & Unknown Mother.

45. Mary Margaret Johnson:
Born in Alabama 1845.
Died in Hale, Alabama 1885.
Mother of William LaFayette Hester.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown.

46. William M. Tingle William M. Tingle:
Born in Alabama 1852.
Died in aft 1900.
Father of Rebecca Elizabeth Tingle.
Son of Cyrus Tingle & Unknown.

47. Nancy Jane Townsend Nancy Jane Townsend:
Born in Alabama abt 1845.
Died in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama 29 Aug 1927.
Mother of Rebecca Elizabeth Tingle.
Daughter of Samuel Booker Townsend & Cynthia Tubbs .

48. Lewis Arch Lay Lewis Arch Lay:
Born in Grainger County, Tennessee 01 Jun 1824.
Died in Alabama 05 May 1909.
Father of Alexander Hamilton Lay.
Son of Thomas Martin Lay & Nancy Martha Garrison.

49. Eunice Calvert:
Born in Alabama 31 Oct 1816.
Died in Alabama 23 Jul 1897.
Mother of Alexander Hamilton Lay.
Daughter of William Calvert & Sarah Wright.

52. John Robert Campbell John Robert Campbell:
Born in Pendleton Dist., SC 1839.
Died in 28 Oct 1908.
Father of Bird Sherman Campbell.
Son of Adam Campbell & Lucretia Green.

53. Rachel Blevins Rachel Blevins:
Born in Walker County, Alabama 1842.
Died in Cullman County, Alabama 21 Apr 1904.
Mother of Bird Sherman Campbell.
Daughter of James Blevins & Rachel Nesmith.

54. John Smith:
Born in Gerogia Nov 1847.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Mary Elizabeth Smith.
Son of Unknown & Unknown

55. Caroline Unknown:
Born in Georgia May 1840.
Died in [date unknown].
Mother of Mary Elizabeth Smith.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown

56. John Shadrack Chandler:
Born in Greenville County, South Carolina 1824.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of King Zachariah Chandler.
Son of King Soloman Chandler & Elizabeth Smith.

57. Irena Greeny:
Born in South Carolina 1826.
Died in Blount ( now Cullman County, Alabama bef 1865.
Mother of King Zachariah Chandler.
Daughter of Unknown & Unknown.

58. Jonathan Calvert:
Born in Blount, AL 29 Sep 1826.
Died in Oxford, Calhoun, AL 01 Aug 1863.
Father of Margaret Matilda Calvert.
Son of Joseph Calvert & Elizabeth Adams.

59. Manila Jane Cannon:
Born in Walker, AL 20 Mar 1827.
Died in Cullman, AL 14 Jul 1901.
Mother of Margaret Matilda Calvert.
Daughter of James Cannon & Mary Margaret Powell.

60. Daniel Lee Tubbs:
Born in Greenville District, South Carolina 17 Feb 1794.
Died in Near Cullman, Alabama 25 Mar 1882.
Father of Daniel Franklin Tubbs.
Son of George Tubbs Jr & Elizabeth Jane Floyd.

61. Elizabeth J. 'Betsy' Rutledge:
Born in Kentucky abt 1819.
Died in Cullman County, Alabama 1899.
Mother of Daniel Franklin Tubbs.
Daughter of Joseph Rutledge & Winnie Joslin.

62. Elisha Burgett Stricklin:
Born August 1830.
Died in Unknown.
Father of Parilee Stricklin.
Son of William Riley Stricklin & Mary M. Unknown.

63. Sarah Martin:
Born in Georgia September 13, 1834.
Died May 18, 1907 in Alabama.
Mother of Pearlee Stricklin.
Parents Unknown.

Generation 7: Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandparents of Clint Norwood

64. Samuel Norwood:
Born 1724 in Augusta, Virginina.
Died 1790 in Abbeville, South Carolina.
Father of William Norwood.

65. Elizabeth Brush:
Born in Augusta, Virginia in 1730.
Died on December 19, 1812 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.
Mother of William Norwood.

70. James S. Freeman:
Born in South Carolina 1786.
Died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 18 Jan 1855.
Father of Malinda E. Freeman.

71. Catherine Nolan Maddox:
Born in Abbeville,, South Carolina abt 1783.
Died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 25 Apr 1859.
Mother of Malinda E. Freeman.

72. Wilkerson Turner Sr.:
Born , 1737 in North Carolina
Died , 1808 in York, South Carolina
Father of Wilkerson Saulin Turner.

73. Abigail Collins:
Born Unknown, 1740 in North Carolina
Died , 1820 in South Carolina
Mother of Wilkerson Saulin Turner.

74. William Sandlin:
Born in King's Creek, York County, South Carolina 1744.
Died in King's Creek, York County, South Carolina May 1795.
Father of Barbara Sandlin.

75. Massey Green:
Born in Rowan, North Carolina 1750.
Died in Kings Creek, York, South Carolina, USA 02 Dec 1831.
Mother of Barbara Sandlin.

80. Samuel Hudson Glover:
Born in Tar River, Guilford, North Carolina U.S.A. 1797.
Died in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1880.
Father of Guilford Thomas Glover.

81. Margaret Herrin:
Born in Guilford, North Carolina, USA 1803.
Died in Moundville, Hale County, Alabama U.S.A. 1880.
Mother of Guilford Thomas Glover.

88. Barnabus Hester:
Born in Georgia, USA 1800.
Died in Alabama 1873.
Father of McDuff C Hester.

92. Lucretia Green Cyrus Tingle:
Born March 20, 1820 in Hale County Alabama
Died January 7, 1903 in Hale County AlabamaFather of William M. Tingle.

94. Samuel Booker Townsend:
Born in Alabama 1817.
Died in Alabama 1863.
Father of Nancy Jane Townsend.

95. Cynthia Tubbs:
Born in Alabama 1822.
Died in Alabama 1892.
Mother of Nancy Jane Townsend.

96. Thomas Martin Lay:
Born in Tennessee, United States 1799.
Died in Division, Fayette, Alabama, United States 23 Feb 1864.
Father of Lewis Arch Lay.

97. Nancy Martha Garrison:
Born in Tennessee, United States 1793.
Died in Fayette, Fayette, Alabama, United States 1870.
Mother of Lewis Arch Lay.

98. William Calvert:
Born in Sullivan County, Tennessee 1792.
Died in Hancock Cullman, Alabama, 1859.
Father of Eunice Calvert.

99. Sarah Wright:
Born in bef 1797.
Died in Ryans Creek, Cullman, Alabama 1840.
Mother of Eunice Calvert.

104. Adam Campbell Adam Campbell:
Born in 12 Nov 1802.
Died in Alabama 22 Dec 1873.
Father of John Robert Campbell.

105. Lucretia Green Lucretia Green:
Born in 06 May 1804.
Died in Walker County Alabama 13 Sep 1862.
Mother of John Robert Campbell.

106. James Blevins:
Born in [date unknown].
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Rachel Blevins.

107. Rachel Nesmith:
Born in [date unknown].
Died in [date unknown].
Mother of Rachel Blevins.

112. King Soloman Chandler:
Born in South Carolina 1798.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of John Shadrack Chandler.

113. Elizabeth Smith:
Born in South Carolina abt 1800.
Died in [date unknown].
Mother of John Shadrack Chandler.

116. Joseph Calvert:
Born in Tennessee 05 Jan 1782.
Died in Blount, Tennessee, United States 25 Aug 1841.
Father of Jonathan Calvert.

117. Elizabeth Adams:
Born in Tennessee abt 1773.
Died in Blount, Tennessee, United States abt 1829.
Mother of Jonathan Calvert.

118. James Cannon:
Born in Pendleton District, South Carolina 16 May 1785.
Died in Walker County, Alabama 04 Jan 1873.
Father of Manila Jane Cannon.

119. Mary Margaret Powell:
Born in Pickens Co., SC 23 Aug 1789.
Died in Walker Co., AL 25 Aug 1869.
Mother of Manila Jane Cannon.

120. George Tubbs Jr:
Born in Rutherford, North Carolina, United States 1772.
Died in Marion, Perry, Alabama, United States 11 Nov 1833.
Father of Daniel Lee Tubbs.

121. Elizabeth Jane Floyd:
Born in Frankford, Franklin, Kentucky, United States 13 Nov 1775.
Died in Noxubee, Mississippi, United States 31 Jul 1851.
Mother of Daniel Lee Tubbs.

122. Joseph Rutledge:
Born in Rowan County, North Carolina abt 1778.
Died in [date unknown].
Father of Elizabeth J. 'Betsy' Rutledge.

123. Winnie Joslin:
Born in Virginia 1783.
Died in Walker County, Alabama abt 1840.
Mother of Elizabeth J. 'Betsy' Rutledge.

124. William Riley Stricklin:
Born in 25 Aug 1802.
Died in Cold Springs, Cullman County, Alabama, USA 08 Feb 1885.
Father of Elisha Burgett Stricklin.

125. Mary M. Unknown:
Born in 04 May 1805.
Died in 20 Jan 1892.
Mother of Elisha Burgett Stricklin.

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