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Welcome to MyDaddyBase.

Jim Lay
Rose Campbell
Milton Glover
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Any of those links will allow you to select a personal Bio page of any individual person, and from there you can see their descendants, or their 4 generation family tree.

More Resources Here At MyDaddyBase Are:

Picture Gallery - Pictures of My Ancestors

Post Cards From Aunty - A whimsical presentation of the database.

List Of Source Documents that are available for viewing or download.

Coats Of Arms for most of the Surnames listed here

DNA Test Results for a few families right now. I hope to add to this heavily.

Descendants List Starting with a randomly chosen ancestor, William Henry Glover.

Links - My favorite Genealogical links


What is MyDaddyBase?

MyDaddyBase is a script for building a personal online genealogical database.

Why did you write the script for MyDaddyBase?

Although I already have my genealogical information stored on My Wikitree
and on My Ahnentafel Tree I still wanted an easy to use and very simple script to keep my own copy and version of the information.

Timeline of the changes or additions for MyDaddyBase.

5-15-2016: Greatly enhanced the search tool, simplified the navigation and minor appearance adjustments.
10-26-2015: Decreased default font size and fixed scalability issues for smaller screens such as phones and tablets.
2-15-2015: Minor format changes
7-24-2014: MyDaddyBase.Com, My DaddyBase has it's own domain!
7-17-2014 Added Post Cards From Aunty - Biographies
and cleared up some pesky webpage rendering problems.
7-16-2014: Added a search bar for the foot of every page on the website.
7-08-2014: Added DNA Test Results page, added a Descendants page for everyone in the database.
6-28-2014: Added Coat Of Arms pictures to complement the Surnames Pages.
6-27-2014: Some security precautions were implemented.
6-14-2014: A List Of Source Documents was added. It was a major project.
5-24-2014: Added pictures ability to the bio pages.
5-18-2014: The creation of a 4 generation family tree, which is accessible through everyone's bio page.
3-13-2014 to 5-07-2014: Major code clean up and optimization.
3-12-2014: MyDaddyBase uploaded.

Future Plans for MyDaddyBase

Add ability for a 2nd or more picture for profiles.
I plan to keep improving MyDaddyBase as much as possible.
If you have any suggestions for improvement please let me know.

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